“It ain’t gonna be so easy from the start…”


Immediately after my husband’s funeral and burial I lost my voice and was sick in bed. My sister and friends were sad to leave me alone but it was time. I needed quiet and rest. Within a couple of days I felt better and accepted an invitation to meet my dear friend, Marilynn for lunch. I was glad to get out of the house and do something sort of ‘normal’ that had nothing to do with cancer, sickness or death.

It was the first time since Phil died that I was driving someplace alone. I got into Phil’s car and turned the key. The words came through the radio, “It ain’t gonna be so easy from the start,” Elton John was singing, “You got my heart but it ain’t gonna be easy from the start…”

Phil loved music but couldn’t sing at all. He often talked the words of songs that were on his mind. We laughed about how when we were first dating I would think he was talking to me and he was ‘singing’ some song that I’d never heard. Elton John was one of Phil’s favorite singers. We saw him in concert a few months before Phil died. We listened to Elton John CD’s a lot but I’d never heard this song. I’ve never heard it again since.

“It ain’t gonna be so easy from the start…” Exactly the words I needed at exactly the right time by a singer we both loved. It seemed like a message straight from Phil.

This type coincidence is frequent after a loved one passes and is referred to as a, “after death communication,” or ADC. Have you had those? Write and tell me about it. Post here or contact me at Myra@MyraMcElhaney.com.


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