Chapagne at new home

Celebrating my “best worst life”

“You have the best worst life ever!” my friend, June Cline said recently. I laughed and agreed. We were sitting in my high-rise condo with the great view talking about my work projects and various social activities on the calendar. Read the rest of this entry »


Many years ago when my nephew, Christopher was a little boy he came to spend the day with Phil and me. Christopher was helping ‘Uncle Phil’ work in the yard. They started by unloading a truck load of dirt into a sink hole in the back yard and smoothing it out. Once that was done they planted some flowers and bushes. Christopher was a great help, working beside Phil all along the way. After each task was finished he would look up at Phil and eagerly ask, “Now what are we going to do?” Read the rest of this entry »

Immediately after my husband’s funeral and burial I lost my voice and was sick in bed. My sister and friends were sad to leave me alone but it was time. I needed quiet and rest. Within a couple of days I felt better and accepted an invitation to meet my dear friend, Marilynn for lunch. I was glad to get out of the house and do something sort of ‘normal’ that had nothing to do with cancer, sickness or death. Read the rest of this entry »

Dorothy Parker, (1893 –1967), a writer known for wit and wisecracks reportedly asked this question. “What fresh hell is this?” when a phone rang and interrupted her thoughts. It comes to mind after sudden loss. Or a scary diagnosis. Read the rest of this entry »

Myra and Kathy Betty

Myra and Kathy Betty

I’d been widowed about a year and thought I was doing pretty well. I was dressed, upright and out pretending to be a business woman again. Read the rest of this entry »