“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…”


CloudsThe line from the 1970’s song, “Signs” by the Five Man Electrical Band pops into my mind. In the first year after Phil’s passing I saw signs everywhere. I read somewhere that we look for and believe we see signs because after losing a loved one we have a strong need to know that their spirit is still around us. A strong need to hold on to them in some way.

However, like many people I believe the signs are real. Many people who have lost friends and family members report seeing signs from people who have recently passed to the other side. They are called “After-Death Communications” by experts who study these things. In the ADC Project, Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim have collected more than 3,300 firsthand stories from people reporting some sort of sign or communication from a loved one who has passed. (Hospice workers, friends and family members also often report signs from people who are near death.)

The most common signs include sensing a presence, hearing a voice, feeling a touch or smelling someone’s perfume, tobacco or favorite food. Some people report seeing the deceased in a vision or a dream that seems real. These are often referred to as ‘visitations.’ Physical Phenomena such as electronics (lamps, TV, radio, etc.) turning on or blinking is also common. Signs, called ‘symbolic ADCs’ are very common subtitle communications that are easy to discount or ignore. Common signs include butterflies, rainbows, birds or animals, flowers and objects like coins or pictures that show up with some significance or meaning.

Most people have ADC’s more frequently during the first months or first year after someone’s passing. Usually people report feeling comforted or encouraged by these signs.

It’s common for electronics to act up or quit after someone dies. During the months after Phil’s death both cars were in the shop, my cell phone and computer died! I called my BFIL (best-friend-in-law–Phil’s best friend) and said, “I think Phil’s communicating from the other side to tell me to buy a new car and computer.” Ted, who is very logical and analytical asked, “The other side of what?”

“Heaven. Or the other side of whatever is beyond this life,” I answered. Then I told him of the cars and electronics breaking down.

“Maybe he’s telling you to stay home and get off the internet!” Ted countered. Sounded just like something Phil would say!

What about you?

Have you seen signs from your spouse?

Do you believe they are really after death communications from the beyond?


2 Responses to ““Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…””

  1. The day after my husband passed away, there was a wind storm and a big thick branch had fallen onto the car. After lifting the branch off the windshield to examine the damage, I realized that the glass was in pristine shape. Zero scratches. I think my husband had a hand in that.

    Throughout my husband’s illness, he encouraged me to lead a “normal” schedule as much as possible and to go into work when I could. After he passed away, I immediately went back to work after taking a week off to plan the funeral. I quickly realized it wasn’t going to work so I took 2 weeks off (still not enough!). Near the end of the two weeks, I had a hallucination where I heard work board-room voices… Maybe he was telling me to go back to work?

    Last week I was waiting outside for a food delivery. They had forgot to bring something and I was frustrated with the wait. I was ready to chew someone’s ear off when I saw my husband walking down the street and fading into dust. It calmed me down and I took it as a sign too relax and take it easy.

  2. Wow! Actually seeing him walking down the street and fading is a strong ADC! As is hearing the voices. I found that I saw signs a lot the first year. I’m glad you found them comforting. I always did, too.

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