Building A Life You Love…


I’m very excited to announce the launch of my memoir, Building A Life You Love After Losing the Love of Your Life.

Book coverI read several widow memoirs after my husband died over six years ago. I found it encouraging to read how others had survived what, at the time, seemed unsurvivable. One of the things I noticed is that most of the books started with the diagnosis or accident and went through all the treatment, hospital visits, ups and downs of illness then the death and funeral. The book would be halfway or two-thirds over before they talked about how they dealt with life after the loss.

My book starts the day after the burial with a chapter called, “In Bed with Jose Cuervo.” Can you relate?

My sister and other friends and family members had been at the house since the day Phil died. The day after the funeral we drove to Tennessee to bury him in his home state. The next day, she didn’t want to leave me there in our home alone with my grief.

That’s when I said, “I’m going to bed with a bottle of tequila and if I’m not out in two weeks you can come and get me.” I just wanted everyone to leave so I could just go to bed, hide under the covers and sleep. Did you feel that way, too?

This first chapter talks about grieving deeply. Other chapters cover after death communications, crying in public, taking off the rings, handling the holidays and rebuilding a social life. Of course parts of it are sad but I never lost my sense of humor so there are some funny stories, too.

Back of bookOther chapter titles include

  • You Talking to Me?
  • “My God, My God Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?”
  • Shock, Denial, Xanax and Prozac
  • Don’t Cry in the Liquor Store
  • Strange Bedfellows
  • Layers of Loss
  • Condolences and Sympathy
  • Married to a Dead Person
  • Without This Ring
  • Roam for the Holidaze
  • What’s the Speed Limit for Moving On?
  • Sifting Through Memories and Discarding Dreams
  • Feeling Frisky
  • The Best Worst Life

My purpose for the book is to encourage other widows and widowers to move forward and not get stuck in grief. I don’t believe the length and depth of your grief represents how much you loved your spouse.

I believe life is meant to be enjoyed. That doesn’t mean it’s easy! Losing my husband then getting through the grief to find joy again is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

What about you?

Have you read other memoirs by people who lost their spouse?

Which ones did you like or dislike?


If you’re interested you can order the book on or send an email to for a signed copy. Tell me who (if anyone) you want it personalized to and give the address you want the book mailed to.


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