“…with a little help from my friends”


“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other women who have her back.” Unknown

Sean, Myra, Vikki, Kimberley

Sean O’Keefe, me, Vikki Locke and Kimberley Kennedy

My tribe has really outdone themselves.

On Tuesday, January 12th my memoir, Building A Life You Love After Losing the Love of Your Life officially launched with an event at Georgia Public Broadcasting.Vikki Locke of LRK media planned and organized the event. Sean O’Keefe, who is not a woman but still part of my tribe, catered the event; Kimberley Kennedy was the MC for the program where Vikki interviewed me about the book on stage in one of GPB’s TV studios.

Friends, Susan Reece, June Cline, Vanessa Lowery and Essie Escobedo helped to sell books and keep the line of people buying books moving forward.

On set with Vikki

On set with Vikki Locke

Lorikay Stone was the event photographer. Carol Dunlop broadcast live on Periscope.

Lorikay was also the photographer for the book cover which, along with the interior, was designed by Vanessa. Nanette Livingston, the editor, was there, too.

Many friends, business associates and some relatives came to help celebrate the book launch with me. People in the audience posted, tweeted and kept social media popping with photos and videos from the event. Additionally, many friends who couldn’t attend blasted an announcement of the book release out to their social media followers.

The audience

My amazing audience

I truly felt like a celebrity as I sat for hours signing books and accepting congratulations.

I self-published this book but I certainly did not do it by myself. I could not have done it by myself. I did it, as the Beatles song says, “…with a little help from my friends.”

I’m very thankful to everyone who had a part in the event. And to everyone who proof-read, advised and encouraged me along the way. I’m grateful for each person who posted on social media, told others about it, purchased a book, read it, wrote a blurb or review and cheered me on.

This week, especially, I’ve been reminded of and amazed by the remarkable network of people I’ve surrounded myself with over the years. Thanks to you all!

What about you?

Have you surrounded yourself with a tribe that supports and encourages your success? If not, start today!

P.S. Building A Life You Love After Losing the Love of Your Life is available on Amazon.com or you can get a personalized copy by sending an email to Myra@MyraMcElhaney.com. Tell me who you want it personalized to and give your mailing address.

(NOTE: This post originally appeared on my personal blog, http://www.EnjoyLifeAndDoGood.com)



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