A camp for widows and widowers?


Camp WidowWhen Michele Neff Hernandez was widowed at a young age and couldn’t find a community of widows who wanted to focus on moving forward she created one. From that first, small gathering of widows and widowers Camp Widow® has grown into three weekend long events.

The healing power of community is celebrated as widows and widowers from around the world come together for workshops, yoga, flashmobs and a 5K run. There’s also a bookstore, Tribute Tiles honoring loved ones, a message release and a Masquerade Ball. Doesn’t sound like a bunch of grieving widows, huh?

At this year’s Camp Widow in Tampa, March 11-13 I’ll be presenting a workshop on “Was My Invitation Lost in the Mail?”  We’ll talk about how those invitations stop coming and how to build a new social life doing things you love.

My memoir, “Building A Life You Love After Losing the Love of Your Life” will be available in the event bookstore.

Check out Camp Widow® and the Soaring Spirits Foundation. We’d love to have you join us. If not, there are resources, tools and an online community for widows and widowers you may find useful.


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